70000 beer cans found in townhouse

70000 beer cansA single man lived in this townhouse in Ogden, Utah for 8 years. Even though these pictures suggest otherwise, the person who lived in that house was a perfect tenant. He always paid his rent on time, never complained and kept a low profile in the neighborhood. In fact, he kept such a low profile that the local mail carrier thought that the residence was vacant.

These pictures were taken in 2005 by Century 21 property manager Ryan Froerer who was sent to check out this house by Realtor. He found the house had a sickening smell, the doors were blocked by debris, the furniture inside buried under piles of beer cans and rooms stacked to the ceiling with beer boxes. The condition of the house was much worse than in these pictures. Century 21 had already moved some of the cans out and had caved in tunnels that the tennant made to move around the house.

70000 beer cansThe resident of this townhouse was very fond of Coors Light beer as he only drank that in all the 8 years he lived there. He drank few dozen cans a day, every day for 8 years, saving all the empty cans and the cartons they came in. The house contained an estimated 70,000 empty beer cans. The cans were sold to reclycler for $800.

The townhouse is cleaned up now and the former resident stoped drinking and was welcomed back to his old job.

70000 beer cans

70000 beer cans
70000 beer cans


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