Audi S4 Covered With Tape

What do you do if you don't like the color of the car you're driving? Paint it? No, you go and buy some blue tape and cover the car with it.

Freshly washed car before the taping:
audi blue tape
Work material, Nogaro blue tape:
audi blue tape
And a job well done:
audi blue tape
audi blue tape
Why would anyone cover their Audi with tape? Well here is the story behind it:
"People with newer, shiny cars or recently painted cars usually tape off the front of the car with blue painters tape when traveling long distances. The tape sticks well but peels off very easily and protects the front of the car from rock chips.
A single roll of 3 inch tape was purchased to cover the front of the car for the drive. While hanging out at Aaron/Richards place Aaron suggested we do something funny with the tape, write something on the back window with it or down the side of the car. I said "Let's cover the whole car." They pulled up the dimensions of an S4, figured out how much tape was in a roll and bought the tape required for the job."

audi blue tapeRead all about their road trip and see a lot more pictures HERE


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