elgooG is a Google mirror. Many websites have mirror sites which are exact replica of the original site but on different server. This way if the main server gets too busy you can go to the other server. elgooG uses this idea but instead of an exact replica of the site, it is a mirror image of Google. Everything is in reverse on elgooG, you must enter your search terms in reverse (if you are searching for the term "Christmas" you have to enter "samtsirhC") and the results you get are aslo mirrored.

elgooG was made just for fun and it is free to use. The site is in no way connected with Google.

It interesting that many Chinese started to use elgooG because their goverment blocked the original Google, so this site might not be as useless as it seems. The authors of the site claim that elgooG passed the great Chinese firewall only because it looked like a fun page with no practical use.

So if you are bored with classical Google, try elgooG and you will soon be able to read any mirrored text you see. You decide how usefull would it be to have a skill like that.

You can check out elgooG HERE.


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