Santa's Butt Beer

santa's butt bearThis is no joke, this is a real beer made by Ridgeway brewery in England. You see, in England "butt" refers to a certain barrel used in brewing - a large 108 imperial gallon barrel. Apparently, back in the old days it was quite common to put beer in large butts for storage.

I think it's a good thing to honor the tradition, but Santa's Butt landed me on the butt when I saw it. This would make a nice addition to a New Year party, serve Santa's Butt to your guests and watch them burst into laughter.

Here is how the maker of Santa's Butt describes his product:
"They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it: Santa’s Butt, the beer, coming to a theater near you for the holidays. It’s a splendid, satisfying Winter Porter at 6% -- a souped-up version of the classic Entire Butt Porter that you’ve enjoyed in the past. Everyone wants a piece of Santa’s Butt. "

This special porter is made for winter -- rich and warming, the way they like it in the North Pole. It was inspired by this famous line from a well-loved children’s story book:
"And Santa sat on his great butt, drinking a hearty brew."


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